Outdoor Game "In The Footsteps Of Plenty" Treasure Of The Sobieszewo Island

Sobieszewo Island has an interesting history and still hides a number of secrets. In 2018, a city game was created about the legend of the lost Amber Room. One of the leads leads to Sobieszewo. You can unravel the mystery yourself and find the treasure hidden on the Island. With the VisitGdansk Quests application you will be able to find a hidden treasure on Sobieszewo Island.

Questy Visitgdansk

Gdansk is a city that has many secrets. With the VisitGdansk Quests application you can explore them by solving interactive puzzles in museums and cultural facilities. The game will allow you to see more and in an even more interesting way.

To play, download the application. The game takes place in Gdansk museums and cultural facilities - remember to connect headphones so as not to disturb other visitors. Remember not to touch the exhibits. Do not rush! In the application, the time to complete the game is not important and does not affect the scores.

Link to download the application from Google Play

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