Amber Collecting

The Sobieszewo Island is one of the few sections of the Baltic coast where we always find amber on the beach. This is where the Polish "Amber Coast" begins, which stretches from Gdansk, through the beaches of the Vistula Spit, to Krynica Morska.

Amber, or "the gold of the north," is a fossil resin of tertiary conifers. The name "gold of the north" may be derived from the bright, golden color of amber, and maybe also from the value it presented in ancient times, when Roman merchants wandered all the way to the Baltic Sea and cheaply bought amber was then sold at a premium.

On the beaches of Sobieszewo Island, amber is a frequent guest. It's easiest to find him on the shore, just after a storm. It is a unique treasure that Sobieszewo Island has. On stormy nights, when a strong wind rises the sea, the waves throw countless amounts of fine amber onto the shore of the Island.

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